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Linocuts for Khatulistiwa

Based in Canggu, Bali, Khatulistiwa is Kartina Dirix and Leonard Lumanauw. This adventurous couple decided to run a travel consultancy business, with diving and surfing as their forte. Thus born Khatulistiwa.


Khatulistiwa is an Indonesian derived from Arabic word, means equator. The 1984 is appointed as their brand consultant. You see with a brand direction as organic and honest as theirs, you should make something with rough edges too. We tried several methods, digitally creating it only makes it look more fake so we keep coming back to the traditional ones.


The illustrations are inspired by Sumba motifs, we drew it by hand then we carved them to lino pads. Uneven stamp, with imperfect hand-carved shapes.. now that's what we are looking for! The results are impressive in its own way, it gives you this adventurous call but at the same time feels very laid back. Pretty much depicts the feeling of travelling in Indonesia.

This is a work in progress, currently we are processing these images to layout. So thrilled to have them in production soon.



My name is Irawandhani Kamarga, you can call me Wanda for short. I live in Jakarta, blogging mostly about daily life with The 1984, Jalan Kenangan, Binatang Press!, my dogs, and my travels. Here's more about me



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