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Wong Chuk Hang Discoveries

On my last visit to Hong Kong, we spent some time rummaging around Wong Chuk Hang and found exciting discoveries. Wong Chuk Hang is an industrial complex located in Aberdeen area. At a glance, they are basically a complex full of unassuming, grim, old warehouse buildings. But Wong Chuk Hang is full of hidden gems, inside the buildings you will randomly find designer products, galleries, and cafes.


I discovered that Wong Chuk Hang is where Hong Kong Art Basel was hosted, so I took note of a few gallery names but turns out it's not easy to immediately locate those spots. If you try asking the security guards downstairs, they'll tell you there's nothing here. So we thought, screw it let's just trespass and look for the floor guide ourselves (nobody cares if you trespass anyway).

So here are the places we discover...

The Mezzanine Floor, 23 Wong Chuk Hang Rd | website

Blindspot Gallery

Blindspot Gallery
15/F, Po Chai Industrial Building, 28 Wong Chuk Hang Road | website

Regency Centre Phase 1, 39 Wong Chuk Hang Rd | website

Shopping at Establo

Room C&D, 4/F, Kwai Bo Industrial Building, 40 Wong Chuk Hang Road | website

The Butchers Club
16/F, Shui Ki Industrial Building, 18 Wong Chuk Hang Road | website)


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