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The SHTZ-U Pack

So! Let me tell you about my Shih-Tzu pack, they're always around in The Shophouse. I can't imagine life without the pack, I think it would be so boring. So let me introduce to you one by one:


She's the alpha. Marie-Chan was born in 2009, she's been with me even before I was married. She's like my sidekick, such a cool dog. I love walking with her, when she walks, she walks confidently. Her presence will definitely make you feel confident. Since she's the head of the pack, sometimes she can be very pushy - she wants things to go her way! I used to look her in the eye until she looks away, making sure she knows I'm the boss.


Logan was also born in 2009 but actually he's the oldest. Logan is such a sweetheart, an introverted softie. At some point around 2012 he gradually lost his sight because of ulcer. But his other senses are very good, that you won't believe that he can't see. He's also very sensitive, he knows if you are down or sick and will stay right next to you, making sure he's by your side.


Chiro is our teacup-sized Beta dog, born in 2012. She's one of Marie-Chan & Logan's first litter. Everything is actually wrong with Chiro! She's teacup, her eyes are kind of misaligned , she snorts a lot, her teeth is messy, kinda like Stitch from Lilo & Stitch. But Chiro is very smart (can be very tricky most of the times!), she's definitely the cutest ugly dog ever.


She's one of Marie-Chan & Logan's 3rd litter. Named after Naomi Dame, one of The 1984's art director. In 2014 around the time Namoi was born, Naomi left The 1984 to continue her study in Tokyo. When I was about to give each pups the name, Jona said she would be called Namoi, anagram from Naomi. Namoi is my husband's favourite, she's quite a troublemaker but very affectionate. Actually, I must say Namoi is quite an attention whore :D

Lil Bro

His real name is actually Anbro, he's Namoi's littermate. Anbro is a pun from Andro, who also worked as art director at The 1984. He went to study in Tokyo together with Naomi so of course one of our pups should have his name! Bro is a really calm little dog, similar like Logan. He barely barks and his favourite pastime is watching TV alongside my husband.

Naughty little Pat Pat

Naughty Pat Pat is one curious little creature. She loves messing around with waste bins and dirty laundries, I have a feeling that she has a strong hunting instinct. Pat Pat is also Namoi & Bro's litter mate. Her features are very similar to Logan except with longer nose. Somehow, Pat Pat hates big guys with built body.


Jamban (R.I.P)
Jamban a.k.a Andro, also named after Andro our art director. The last one born out of the litter, he's a happy little dog. Jamban has a very extroverted personality, and he especially loves the kids. Everybody here at The Shophouse loves Jamban's features which is small, rounded, and fluffy.


Patpat's daughter, the smallest member of the pack. A bit of an attention whore. Beyonce really is too small even for her age, but she's very active and alert. A big fan of Namoi, she always tails her around everywhere.


My name is Irawandhani Kamarga, you can call me Wanda for short. I live in Jakarta, blogging mostly about daily life with The 1984, Jalan Kenangan, Binatang Press!, my dogs, and my travels. Here's more about me



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