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My name is Irawandhani Kamarga, you can call me Wanda for short. I am an art director and graphic designer based in Jakarta, Indonesia. I am one-third owner of The 1984 and a creative space called Jalan Kenangan. Also together with my husband, we started a riso-based independent publishing company called Binatang Press! in late 2015. I am also a parent of 7 shih tzus which I will probably write a lot here. All this under one roof we call The Shophouse, located in Radio Dalam, South Jakarta.

There is an open-plan floor in The Shophouse where we spent most nights in a week, but we also love to spend the other rest on our apartment in Gandaria nearby.

I love travelling, analogue cameras, music, and good food. I have always wanted to be a graphic designer since 2nd grade in elementary school. I have love-hate relationship with front-end coding.

I am a big supporter of Bahasa Indonesia but will write most of my posts in English so that everyone can enjoy it. This blog is made with Kirby and Blogprint, the front-end is built on Sublime Text 2. Fonts used are League Spartan, Born, and Kingthings Petrock.

You can contact me at irawandhani.kamarga (at) the1984.com


My name is Irawandhani Kamarga, you can call me Wanda for short. I live in Jakarta, blogging mostly about daily life with The 1984, Jalan Kenangan, Binatang Press!, my dogs, and my travels. Here's more about me



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