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The Process of Irama Visual

The 1984 is participating in Irama Visual, an exhibition organized by our dear friend QUBtv, together with ADGI and Irama Nusantara. Each artist/designer is given a list of Indonesian pop records from 50s through 80s, we pick one album and redesign it to our style.

Internally, we did a vote to decide which artwork we'd like to redesign and came up with The Ge & Ge's Musik Keras in the end. I don't really wanna spoil the final artwork yet, so in the mean time please enjoy these behind the scene pictures.


Tomia Island

Tomia island one of the four islands that form Wakatobi (Wangi-wangi, Kaledupa, Tomia, Binongko). Of all four islands, Tomia is the most pristine since it is a national park. We stayed at people's homes, and breakfast, lunch, and dinner was served in other homes in the village.

We went there to dive, and really the dive sites are of world class quality. But I'll talk more about it later, this post covers pictures of how Tomia looks like in the surface.


How to get to Tomia from Jakarta :

It is quite a long journey to Tomia, but at time of visiting we do have plenty of time so we decided to break the journey to a couple of stages. First we took evening flight with Garuda Indonesia to Makassar. Flights to Wangi-Wangi (Wakatobi's capital) are only available early in the morning so we stayed overnight in Ibis in Sultan Hasanuddin Airport. Refreshed early in the morning, we took Lion Air ATR plane to Wangi-Wangi. Took some dive, stayed again for the night, then the next day we took 4 hour boat ride to Tomia.

Me & My Nikon FM2


So I have a special nostalgic relationship with Nikon FM2. I use FM2 when I first learn to shoot back in high school, lent to me by my uncle. Shortly after graduating I returned the camera back to him and I never use FM2 anymore.


There's this old man, who was once a firefighter, who is very passionate about analogue cameras and often sells his collection (mental note: probably interesting to write about him next time). Awhile ago, he offered me to buy Nikon FM2, in a very good condition. How can I say no!


Nikon FM2 is my favorite 35mm camera. It feels very intuitive to use, it's light yet it's proven to be tough and reliable.


My Favorite Bookshops in Tokyo

Cozy corner of Utrecht

Tucked away in a quiet neighbourhood in Omotesando is Utrecht. They stock really interesting titles, and I love it that they have books from one of my favourite publisher, Hato Press. They also have many other titles printed using Riso, which of course is a plus point for me!

Japan, 〒150-0001 Tokyo, Shibuya, 神宮前5丁目36-6 | website

Inside Claris Books

Claris Books
In one of the small corner on the quieter side of Shimokitazawa, you'll find Claris Books. They stock second hand books and old magazines.

3-26-2-2F , Kitazawa , Setagaya-ku , Tokyo , 155-0031 , Japan | website

Nadiff a/p/a/r/t
Nadiff is also a bit hidden away in one of the streets in Ebisu. They have a lot of zines, and of course coffee table books. Like Utrecht, this is the place where you can find Riso printed books and zines.

Japan, 〒150-0013 Tokyo, Shibuya, 恵比寿1-18-4 NADiff A/P/A/R/T 1F | website

Travel books with gorgeous typefaces in T-Site

Daikanyama T-Site
Who doesn't love this place! It's true when they say you should spend at least half a day here. Their collection is just fascinating! Though not much, they also have paperbacks in English (mostly English-translated Japanese literature). My husband stocks up some Yoshimoto Banana books, since it's a bit hard to find here in Jakarta.

17-5 Sarugakucho, Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan | website

Cow Books
Very well curated design books. Haven't been here since 2011 though, so I can't say much.

〒153-0042 Tokyo, Meguro, Aobadai, 1 Chome−14−11, コーポ青葉台103 | website

Andro, one of the art directors who used to work at The 1984 now works part time in Mandarake's Shibuya branch. On my last visit, Naomi and Andro showed me around the store with quite a detailed explanation. I'm a fan of Aquirax Uno's illustrations and they have many of his books! But I bought Keichii Tanami's Kamon instead (I love Keichii Tanami too.. Super Furry Animals' cover art anybody?)

〒150-0042 Tokyo, Shibuya 宇田川町31−2 渋谷BEAM B2F | website

You can also check my Amsterdam bookshop discoveries here.


My name is Irawandhani Kamarga, you can call me Wanda for short. I live in Jakarta, blogging mostly about daily life with The 1984, Jalan Kenangan, Binatang Press!, my dogs, and my travels. Here's more about me



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